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Recharge online the mobile phone of family and friends in Indonesia. In a few steps the Telkomsel_Simpati prepaid credit is sent safely.

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  • Telkomsel-Simpati

    Founded in 1995, Telekomsel Indonesia now has over 100 million subscribers and is the largest telecommunications operator in Indonesia by market share.

    Telekomsel Indonesia has the best network coverage in Indonesia, reaching over 95 percent of Indonesia's population and connecting more than 25 thousand remote villages.

    The company is committed to extending the reach of telecommunications throughout Indonesia, regardless of the limitations of the region’s geographical challenges, which is why it lets its customers recharge Telkomsel SimPATI Indonesia online. A simple and yet effective way of topping up from anywhere in the world.

  • Subscribers to Telekomsel can choose between two prepaid cards; SimPATI and Kartu As. Telkomsel SimPATI Indonesia is an innovative and dynamic prepaid service which lets its users access data, message and keep in touch with friends and family all over the world.

    The service provider won Best Innovative Operator of the Year at the Techlife Innovation Awards 2011 as a result of featuring original products and allowing its subscribers to recharge Telkomsel SimPATI Indonesia instantly online. Whilst Telekmosel are proud of their achievements thus far, they look to continue driving forward the product until prepaid internet top-up is the norm.

    Within a blink of an eye you are able to top-up the mobile phone of your choosing from anywhere in the world. You can recharge Telkomsel SimPATI Indonesia phones in an efficient way. It is a time effective means of topping up, as well as being completely safe. This top-up service will definitely leaves you with a smile. Visit the company’s website at to find out how to recharge Telkomsel SimPATI Indonesia online.

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